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PPDM 60P e преточна пумпа со двојна мембрана погонувана  со компримиран воздух. Наменета е за повискозни материи.  Пумпата е изработена во полипропилен.  Мембраните во зависност од потребата можат да бидат од NBR, EPDM, NBR за прехрана, NR за прехрана, Viton и PTFE. Куќиштето на вентилот, наседот на вентилот и вентилската плочка се изработени од нерѓосувачки челик (304 SS). Димензиите на вентилите се зголемени за да се подобри пропустливоста, што е потребно при транспорт на повискозни материи.

- it’s ideal for aggressive, abrasive or fluids with high viscosity
- it can run endlessly in dry mode
- if the output is blocked there is no danger to the pump
- the pressure air is not greased
- no maintenance needed
- no danger of explosion


Air pressure
Input strength
Output strength
466 mm
225 mm
250 mm
5.2 kg
22 mm
22 mm

Maximal throughput
Maximal pressure (air)
Maximal input height in dry mode
Maximal input height in wet mode
Maximal pressure height
Maximal size of particles
Maximal operating temperature

120 lpm
8 bar
4.2 m
8 m
50 m
5 mm
85 C

Built materials
Pump head and vents: polypropylene
Vent casing: 304 SS
Vent plate: 304 SS
Slot of the vent ball: 304 SS
Membranes: NBR, EPDM, NBR for food industry, NR for food industry, Viton и PTFE

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Short history of the company

ARSOPUMP was established in 2001 with main goal and focus on development of new technology and high quality manufacture while keeping the prices as low as possible. All these efforts had paid off knowing that we are leaders in production of high quality products that have great performance even...

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